Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Details You Need to Pay Attention to When Renting a DC Charter Bus

Washington, DC is a great destination for tourist all over the world. Traveling with large groups of people can be a challenge if you don't know how to plan your vacation. Whether you are coming to DC from a close or far away distance, you will need a reliable, safe, comfortable and economic form of transport. Actually, it's been proven that traveling by bus is actually safer than flying and most definitely much safer than driving your personal car. That is exactly why you should contact a DC charter bus company and start planning your vacation. You don't need to think about anything, except an itinerary, departure date and the number of hours or days you will need the bus for.

However, when renting a charter bus, there are important aspects to consider, and we've made a list with the most critical details you should be aware of:

1. The safety of your fellow passengers

Finding a DC charter bus company is easy if you know what you are looking for. Sometimes you need to get your information from different sources, such as forums, blogs, friends and family. The company you are looking for has to have an impeccable history. Be sure they were not involved in any serious accidents, they don't have any lawsuits, and of course, see that they are professional and offer modern and clean buses. Their fleet has to meet all the safety regulations foreseen by the current law, pass the periodical inspections, as well as offer quality service. Always put safety above economy.

2. Everyone's comfort

After choosing the charter bus company you trust will offer quality service, you now have to consider the facilities everyone needs. If it's a short trip, for let's say, 2 hours, you only need the basics, but if you are traveling for several hours straight and you want to also go sightseeing in DC, you have to think about the comfort of your group of passengers. For extra comfort, you should see that the bus is equipped with comfortable seats, TV, DVD-Player, restroom, air-conditioning, heating, and wireless internet.

3. A contract you fully agree upon

Make sure there is always a written agreement between you and the DC charter bus company you decided to work with. Read the contract carefully and ask questions if you think something doesn't seem right or you don't understand something. After reading the contract, you need to make sure you fully agree on the specified terms, such as who is paying for highway tolls and parking fees, the driver's accommodation and meals, when you can make the first deposit, cancellation policy and so on. You don't want to be taken by surprise with hidden costs.

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